Pear Trees

The pear (/ˈpɛər/) tree and shrub are a species of genus Pyrus /ˈpaɪrəs/, in the family Rosaceae, bearing the pomaceous fruit of the same name. Several species of pear are valued for their edible fruit and juices while others are cultivated as trees.

The tree is medium-sized and native to coastal as well as mildly temperate regions of Europe, north Africa and Asia. Pear wood is one of the preferred materials in the manufacture of high-quality woodwind instruments and furniture.

Id Name Size Description
4581 Pear, Acres Home 3 Gallon Bears at 3 years. Has naturally spreading shape. Chill hour requirements is 300-350. Perfect for the Houston area. Fruit is very large, traditional pear shape with red blush on exposed side. Bears heavily each year. Great landscaping tree. Pollinate with Southern Queen, Southern Bartlett, Meadows and Tennessee.
4582 Pear, Atlas Super Orient 3 Gallon Atlas Super Orient Pear Tree has low chill hour requirements. Fruit is medium in size and with speckles. Hard Canning Pear .
4583 Pear, Hosui Asian 3 Gallon Semi-Dwarf tree, great for milder climates. Ripens around July. Pollinate with Southern Bartlett. Large brownish-orange fruit.
4584 Pear, Keiffer 3 Gallon Kieffer Pear grows large yellow fruit. Very cold hardy. Can grow up to 30 feet tall. Heavy bearer.
4585 Pear, Korean Giant Asian 3 Gallon Also known as the Large Korean or Olympic. It's globe shaped fruit ripens to a golden brown and can weight more than a pound. Flesh is cripsy, juicy and sweet, with an almost spicy flavor. Grows to be approx 15 ft. Any European pear or Asian Pear can cross pollinate.
4586 Pear, Meadows 3 Gallon Great quality fruit. Bartlett shaped pear. 450 Chill Hours.
4587 Pear, Shinseki Asian 3 Gallon Shinseki is a round, medium sized, golden pear with sweet, white, crisp and juicy flesh. Fruit ripens in late July, to mid August and stores well until March. Bears fruit at a young age and requires 250-450 chill hours. Great quality pear.
4588 Pear, Southern Bartlett 3 Gallon Fire blight resistant. Bartlett shaped fruit, 450 chill hours, great for Houston and surrounding areas. Pollinate with Southern Queen or Acres Home. Southern Bartlett has a spreading shape, and bears in about 4-5 years. Pollinate with Acres Homes, Tennessee or Southern Queen.
4589 Pear, Tennhosui 3 Gallon Wonderful taste and texture. 500-600 Chill Hours, heavy bearer.
4590 Pear, Vermillion Bartlett 3 Gallon Medium sized fruit, very flavorful and sweet. Pollinate with Southern Bartlett.