Fig Trees

Ficus carica is an Asian species of flowering plant in the mulberry family, known as the common fig (or just the fig). It is the source of the fruit also called the fig and as such is an important crop in those areas where it is grown commercially. Native to the Middle East and western Asia, it has been sought out and cultivated since ancient times and is now widely grown throughout the world, both for its fruit and as an ornamental plant. The species has become naturalized in scattered locations in Asia and North America.

Id Name Size Description
4547 Fig, Alma 3 Gallon Great fig for coastal growing. High quality, late season fruit. Flesh has an excellent, rich, sweet flavor. Very vigorous and productive tree, even at an early age. Quite frost sensitive, best grown within 200 miles of the Gulf of Mexico.
4548 Fig, Celeste 3 Gallon The Celest Fig tree can reach 25ft high. Vigorously growing tree. Very productive tree. Ripens early summer, before most other fig varieties. Fruits without pollination. The fruit is small and pear-shaped with ribbed sides. The color ranges from purple to brown, tinged with broze. The pulp is white or amber colored. Celeste figs are very sweet with a rich, fresh flavor.
4549 Fig, Golden Celeste 3 Gallon Medium sized, sweet fruit with amber pink flesh and gold colored skin. Heavy bearer and ripens in early July.
4550 Fig, Hardy Chicago 3 Gallon Small to medium sized fruit. Light brown skin and strawberry pink pulp. Very cold hardy and has an excellent
4551 Fig, Italian Black 3 Gallon Produces large, sweet figs. Almost jet black fruit with deep amber to red pulp.
4552 Fig, Italian Honey 3 Gallon A very big, sweet, long bearing, green fig with honey colored flesh. Excellent during dry harvest seasons but will have some spoilage due to wet or humid weather. It is very good dried and eaten fresh.
4553 Fig, LSU Gold 3 Gallon LSU Gold fig is a large flattened gold fig up to 1¾ inches in diameter. The amber flesh is tender and exceptionally sweet. It is a vigorous grower and makes a fig at every leaf axil. It has a small, slightly open eye but resists splitting and souring. The superb quality improves during a dry season. Great for eating or preserving.
4554 Fig, LSU Purple 3 Gallon The LSU Purple Fig's flavor is excellent and mild with a high sugar content. It has a closed eye and resists spoilage. Light amber to light strawberry red flesh. Very vigorous upright grower and hardier than most fig trees. The fruit are about two to two and a half inches long. Very reliable and excellent in the ground or container grown. Great for the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas.
4555 Fig, Native Black 3 Gallon Large sized, sweet fruit, bears very well. Ripens in July.
4556 Fig, O'Rourke (Improved Celeste) 3 Gallon Formerly called the Improved Celeste. Produces large fruit and ripens a week earlier than the Celeste Fig.
4557 Fig, Osborn Prolific 3 Gallon Medium bronze fig with amber flesh, sweet & rich. Tree is very productive and hardy.
4558 Fig, Petite Negra 3 Gallon Petite Negra Fig tree is naturally a dwarf tree. It produces juicy black skinned figs with red flesh.
4559 Fig, Texas Everbearing 3 Gallon Also, Brown Turkey Fig. Medium sized fruit that is nearly seedless. Mild, sweet flavor. Can get to 10'X10ft in size. Leave bushy or prune to keep the tree smaller. Does best in full sun and well-drained soil. Self-pollinating. Ripens June - August.