Dwarf Citrus

Some modern hobbyists grow dwarf citrus in containers or greenhouses in areas where the weather is too cold to grow it outdoors. Consistent climate, sufficient sunlight, and proper watering are crucial if the trees are to thrive and produce fruit. Compared to many of the usual "green shrubs", citrus trees better tolerate poor container care. For cooler winter areas, limes and lemons should not be grown, since they are more sensitive to winter cold than other citrus fruits. Hybrids with kumquats (× Citrofortunella) have good cold resistance. A citrus tree in a container may have to be repotted every 5 years or so, since the roots may form a thick "root-ball" on the bottom of the pot.

Id Name Size Description
4519 (DWARF) Lemon, Eureka 3 Gallon Very wide spreading tree, prefers full sun, thorny, sweet blossom fragrance, very acidic, sweet juice. Cold Hardy. Dwarf variety. Flying Dragon Rootstock.
4520 (DWARF) Lemon, Improved Meyer 3 Gallon A small tree with crops of large seedy fruit from August to January. Heavy bearer. Thin-skinned, smooth, bright yellow, very juicy. Grows to about 10' tall and 8'-10' in diameter. Cold hardy. Dwarf variety, on Flying Dragon rootstock.
4521 (DWARF) Lime, Key (thornless) 3 Gallon Thornless, upright tree. Fruit is thin skinned and has very few seeds. Great for cooking and garnishing drinks.
4522 (DWARF) Lime,Mexican 3 Gallon The Mexican Lime tree is a heavy bearer, vigorous tree with very juicy fruit. Height can range from 6ft to 13ft. Tree has thorny spines. Fruit is very acidic and flavorful with few or many seeds. DWARF VARIETY.
4523 (DWARF) Lime, Persian 3 Gallon Medium tree with dark foliage. Produces medium to large juicy fruit. Thornless tree. Fruit keeps longer than Key lime. Oval shaped lime, similar in size to a lemon. Vivid green rind. Fruit is usually seedless, tender and acidic with light green to yellow pulp.
4524 (DWARF) Orangequat, Nippon 3 Gallon A cross between a kumquat and satsuma. Tasty sweet rind, ripens nov-april.
4525 (DWARF) Satsuma, Owari 3 Gallon Very cold hardy tree. Medium sized fruit. Seedless, ripens early October. Dwarf variety.